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What is Plant Based?

Plant based simply means a way of eating based on foods that come from plants and avoiding animal products and highly processed foods. A whole-food, plant-based diet consists of a wide range of earth-harvested choices; including colorful vibrant vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. 

What Are The Benefits?

Physicians and researchers have found that a plant-based diet results in optimum health. The higher the percentage of plants you are eating, the lower the risk of heart disease, many cancers, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and autoimmune diseases. If you want to feel good and look good, a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle is the way to live. Let food be your medicine! 

Goals For This Program: 

With this 30 day program, it will help you make the transition into a healthier lifestyle. Whether you want to become a complete vegan or not, a gradual switch is ideal for the body so it wont lead to cravings. Cutting out animal products is a big adjustment for the body. With a gradual transition, you will cut out on ingredient or animal product out at a time over a number of weeks or months until the transition to a vegan is complete (if that is the Goal). The benefits of a gradual transition include reducing potentially uncomfortable detoxification symptoms, with fewer cravings. This 30-Day program is the best transition to help those wanting to cut out animal products all together in the long run and live a karma-free lifestyle for your body, our environment, and the animals. 


  • Start up consultation to get you started and discuss your goals.

  • Weekly check-ins to keep you accountable and motivated.

  • A month meal plan with examples and guidance on what to eat, eating schedules, and patterns 

  • Guidance on how to cut out foods gradually 

  • Options and variety from Grocery list to try new vegetables and fruits in season

  • Recipes for dinners, snacks, desserts, and more!

  • Constant support and guidance from me via text, emails, and phone calls




What is Vegan?

Being a vegan means you don't eat any animal products: no meat; no fish; no eggs; no dairy products, such as cheese, milk, yogurt, whey or butter; no bee products, such as honey, bee pollen, gelatin, or anything else that comes from, is made by or includes an animal. 

What Are The Benefits?

Eating a vegan diet often gives people a sense of well-being they have not experience for many years. You will feel healthier with better energy. Eating animal products can be hard on the digestion system, as well as acidifying to the body. When you cut out these meats and animal products to eat more Whole Foods, you are able to restore a more vibrant and natural balance in your mind and body. It can help you lose excess weight, lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol, protect you against cancer, and amazing results in health and longevity. 

Goals For This Program: 

With this program, you will be mindful of ingredients in NOT only foods but also what you are wearing and using. Cosmetics and household products might contain toxic chemicals, animal products and/or tested on animals. It is good to practice mindfulness by checking the ingredients in everything you use or buy. By doing this, we are caring for both our bodies and environment. 

Being a Vegan, you are making a huge difference in the world. This lifestyle practices compassion for all living beings, non-violence, and makes this world a better place for everyone. 


  • Start up consultation to go over your goals and intensions for this program

  • Recommended Documentaries and videos on the "plant-based lifestyle"

  • 11 Days of one-on-one coaching and support

  • 11 Day custom meal ideas, example meals, and visuals

  • Grocery list and options to choose from. (Proteins, carbs, fats, etc)

  • Recipes for snacks, desserts, dinners, and more!

  • Constant support one-on-one everyday during your challenge!

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