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(Trauma Releasing through Deep tissue body-work and Conscious Breathing)


What is Breath work? Breath work is a type of therapy that uses different breathing exercises to improve on our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. There are many different techniques and unique methods being used today to improve healing purposes.


Our Breath is so important to our lives; without it, how can we survive?  When we are under stress, we tend to take shallow breaths which causes anxiety disorders, asthma, panic attacks, hyperventilation, numbness and shock within our nervous system. Breath work with some special guidance from a healer, you will engage in conscious and connective breathing to help alleviate and release deeper emotional, physical and mental traumas. When emotional trauma is built up in the body, they are tucked and trapped away in our myo-fascial muscle tissue. With deep tissue body work, we apply acupressure into those connective tissues to unlock the tissue memory and heal the emotional body.


Sometimes we are not aware we have these unresolved traumas until we surrender with Asanas through yoga, deep breath work, assistance from entheogenic plants or with a body worker who brings these up to the surface through the work. These are some way to release and let go of the old memories or stories trapped in the body causing us physical illness or disease. By healing these traumas, we will move forward with better understanding and forgiveness for ourselves and others. 


Those who suffer with stress, anxiety, chronic pain, anger, depression, negativity, PTSD, insomnia or grief will benefit from conscious breath work and deep tissue body work. You will increase higher awareness, inner balance, flow state, emotional integration, relaxation in life, mental clarity and connection to others through a clearer vessel.


Breath work is the most powerful tool we can use to heal ourselves. It just takes the effort and deep commitment to surrender to this conscious work alongside with deep tissue body work. 

With guided breath work, deep tissue and sound therapy together, we are working with both the physical and emotional aspect of releasing these deep traumas trapped in the body. Integrating these healing modalities is the best way to really become in balance and live your best life in harmony.

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