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Tarot readings are a powerful form of divination that will help you with answers to your most important questions about Love Relationships, Health, Family, Career, Finances, Life Purpose OR general messages from spirit.


  1. Please provide your name or person you are inquiring about.

  2. Ask up to 3 specific questions about anything you need clarity on. (We can ask for messages on what you need to focus on or a simple 'past, present, & future' spread)

  3. I will provide a detailed written reading via email and audio recording to refer back on. (OPTIONAL: Live Reading in person or on Zoom)

  4. Take some time to sit with the messages and digest what resonates.

  5. If you need further insight, we can ask for clarifying cards to follow up

We are the creators of our lives. We can manifest any outcome we desire as long as it's for our highest good. I am here to channel messages from Our higher source. You can aways change the outcome of any situation through positive affirmations, daily prayer, meditation, taking Action, and Law Of Attraction (visualizing). Your Angels are here to guide you to your life path and what you are truly meant to do here and everything is always working in best case scenario. 

Stay Positive and Fully TRUST in The Divine Plan. 

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