• All Sacred Malas are 108 beads, Hand knotted and blessed. Every single Mala is a one of a kind. 

  • Hand crafts are Charged and Cleansed in Full Moon and New Moon energies, auspicious times.

  • Activated and supercharged with Prayers, Sunlight, Palo Santo Wood, Alchemy Bowl Sound Healing and Good Intentions!

  • All Hand Made with Love by Tina ♥️

  • Donations will go towards supporting the local community here and dog food to help feed the stray dogs. This brings me so much joy to do every time I get a chance, so thank you!



Crystal Healing Properties

Lava Stone: Activates Physical and Mental Strength, Cleansing Negativity, Dream Work, Enhancing Creativity, Increases Libido, Brings Stability, Raises Energy Levels


Red Howlite: Grounding, Attunement, Reduces Anxiety, Stress and anger, Releases attachments


Orange Carnelian: Motivation, Courage, Passion, Creativity, Boosting Energy, Leadership, Awakens Talents Within, Physical Vitality 


Yellow Citrine: Abundance, Confidence, Strength, Willpower, Joy, Attract Wealth and Success


Green Malachite: Transformation, Balance heart, Protection from Lower Vibrations


Angelite: Connect with Angels, Communication, Serenity, Emotional Stability


Blue Lapis Lazui: Enhances Wisdom, Intuition and Truth, Deepens Meditation, Heighten Awareness, Clear Self Expression


Purple Amethyst: Extremely Protective, Stress Reliever, Aids in overcoming Addictions, Strengthens Psychic Abilities, Calms the mind and Spirit


Rose Quartz: Supports Self Love, Attracts Love, Empowers healthy Relationships, Dissolves emotional Scars and Fears around Love, Heals the Heart, Forgiveness 


Clear Quartz:  The Master Healer, High Vibrational, Amplifies Energy, Enhances Clairvoyance, Protection from EMF, Relief from Negativity, Mental Clarity 


Tigers Eye: Self Discipline, Personal empowerment, Grounding and Protection, Increases Confidence, Supports Resilience

Hamsa Hand Symbolizes protection from harm against the evil eye and brings in goodness, abundance, fertility, luck, and good health.


Evil Eye: Protects against Evil Spirits, to be cast away malevolent glares from strangers when you are unaware 


Rudraksha Beads & Seeds

In sanskrit language, "Rudra" is another name for Lord Shiva and "ksha" means 'teardrops.' Rudraksha is translated as “teardrops of Shiva."

In Vedic Scriptures, Lord Shiva once went into a deep meditation for the freeing and suffering of all sentient beings and living creatures. When he woke up from his meditation, tear drops rolled down from his eyes when realizing all of the true suffering of this earth. These tears took the form of seeds that germinated into Rudraksha trees (Elaeocarpus Ganitrus). The dried up seeds from this Tree formed the sacred Rudraksha beads.

According to Ancient Vedic texts, these seeds are blessed with cosmic powers and energy to elevate the soul. By wearing these beads, it can assist one on their personal path of ascension. 

Rudraksha Prayer Seeds: Changes Karma, Mystical Healing, Cleansing the Aura, Clarity, Balance in all Aspects of life, Controlling Stress, Awakens Kundalini, Scientifically Proven to have many health Benefits

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