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"Through the years I have been coming to Tina to aid in multiple life events that felt heavy and difficult to bear. Each time I met with her she was able to guide me through my adversities with so much love, honestly and patience. She embodies true friendship and the embrace of a big sister. I couldn’t recommend her more if you are going through something and need assistance. 


Tina’s sounds baths, plant medicine and meditations have helped me immensely. Three ways that Tina has helped me are with the sound baths relaxing my nervous system and moving stagnant energy. With plant medicine she has helped my eyes feel the most clear and uninflammed in my life! The Rapé helped me center in and become very present. I felt myself more in my body and able to integrate some energy work that I had been working on. Through the entire process Tina has been very supportive, holds amazing space and made sure to check on my integration. I highly recommend Tina!

LUANA, Martinez


Tina is absolutely incredible to work with. She has a way of making you feel so seen, heard and loved. Every session I've had with her have been incredible. I have been able to be in the present with ease and flow. I feel more grounded than ever. I've had a few Oracle Readings and attended a sound bath session. Her sound healing sessions create a chamber of healing vibrations that revitalize the mind, body and spirit. You will leave feeling amazing to say the least. I literally could not recommend her enough .Tina is a bright light in this world!!!

SHIRLEY, Union City

"I have had heard about Reiki before, at the same time, I did not know the whole lot about its practical usage so I went with open minded as I was looking for some positive energy to move forward from the ordeal I was going thru. Also, recently, I had noticed that I was getting more anxious and started to sweat a lot so I felt that my body energy was off so I really want to give it a shot.

When I met Tina, a gentle soul, for the treatment and she explained me the whole procedure and I already felt like I was in the good hand. During the treatment, one thing really struck me was when she mentioned to me about my dad. She told me that he is always around me and cares about me. My dad passed away 15 years ago and even though he is not physically with me, I always felt his presence. On the regular basis, I usually talk to him and thank him for his guidance and support and being their for me, my sisters and mom. Anyway, during this whole ordeal, I was completely out of touch with my dad as I was focus more on myself trying to find an answer and blame others for what I was going thru. But after the treatment, I felt lighter and instead of finding that very answer, I was more focus how can I share the love that I have. You cannot change the people. People come and go in your life but one who cares always stays behind. And forgive the people who hurt but not forget the lesson that I learnt. One lesson that I learnt was that I have so much love in me that I could share that to the whole world. I guess, time and love will heal anything in life."

NIRAJ, Campbell

"I had a session with Tina a few months ago when she introduced Reiki to me and how it will benefit me with some nice relaxing healing, mentally and physically.  Before Reiki she would give you a deep tissue massage but would really focus on your trigger points or any area you tell her that is bothering you and releases any tension on specific areas. So I work a lot so my mind is always boggled with random things, but when Tina did Reiki on me, I was able to clear my mind and just listen to the sound of her voice which got my body really relaxed and my mind was clear.  She tells you through the 7 chakras and what is blocked and how you can overcome that.  It was definitely an amazing experience.  And coming off of a shoulder injury, after her treatment my shoulder does not have any more pain.  Thank you Tina for the amazing session, I look forward to more."

VANESSA, Willow Glen


"I am so thankful for tina because before her I never new about Reiki, I gained some knowledge about It and wanted to experience it because I felt unbalanced, closed off, negative, and not myself. Coming into this I didn't know what to expect but knew what I felt and knew which chakras were completely closed off, I didn't tell her anything about what I was feeling but before she even did anything the sacral chakra crystal fell two times!!!! Which was crazy because that was the one I felt most closed off on because I didn't get my menstrual cycle for 4 months!!!!! And have been trying to conceive....words can't explain this experience but it was emotional and powerful because the next day after reiki I menstruated from not having it for the last 4 months!!! This truly was an amazing experience and very grateful that tina could help me feel balanced and have her positive vibrations work on me. She definitely goes above and beyond! I am truly blessed to have her touch my life! Thank you Tina!"

ADRIA, San Jose

"I went to see the wellness coordinator today at my office. My blood pressure is now 127/76. When I walked in, she said "Oh my god, in just one week, your skin looks better, you look younger, and you have a glow about you." I told her more about what I'm learning from Tina, how I'm feeling this last week, and how for me this is a way of life, for life. She actually had tears in her eyes seeing how happy I am. She said for the last year before I started with Tina, she would see me and I just looked hunched over, I looked beaten, and I looked miserable. Today I'm standing tall, I'm smiling, and I'm just overall happy. It's from what Tina was teaching me. It's from the plant- based diet. I honestly would have never believed the foods I was eating would do so much damage to me even just mentally and spiritually. I finally feel alive again."

ROCKY, Las Vegas

I didn't know what Reiki was until Tina recommended it to me when I had my knee injury. I felt like it was a setback when I hurt my knee during my training with Tina. In a way, it was meant to be because she introduced me what it was, how it worked and I was amazed when she went through it. I didn't know what to expect but of course I thought it was something I needed and was comfortable enough with Tina's recommendation.

My mind was blown away after my session. It wasn't what I expected,but it was an amazing experience and it was something greater! I recommend it if you feel like your energy needs some healing or your chakra areas need some cleansing . Never having to go through it, a good emotional release was necessary and Tina was on point with a lot of things. I was surprised but I learned a lot and felt re-freshed after.  

Thank you, Tina for the balance and educating me of what Reiki was all about. Please keep up with what you do!

JOEY, San Jose                       

 "I was feeling really unbalanced & a bit sad & negative that I felt that my body needed the energy work. I contacted Tina & I was very grateful that she was able to work with my energy last minute & on the spot! I felt in tuned with the universe because the Reiki work was done outside outdoors on her massage table. I really felt comfortable with her & I was able to feel the warmth of her hands as she was working with my energy/7 chakras. She will tell you what she feels as she's working on each area of your 7 chakras. I really genuinely can feel her kindness & positive vibes! Tina goes above & beyond to answer your questions in person & email. I am very grateful she gave me a gift (goldstone) that she felt would help me with my Solar Plexus area. She also gave me a tarot reading & explained what each card meant! She is a kind hearted person I will continue to see her for monthly hearings!"


"In a field, where there's a low bar for entry, energy readers are aplenty, but those guided by truth are few and far between. Tina made me feel comfortable the moment I met her and we bonded first before diving head into the Reiki reading. Having an individual who values growth and is unabashedly human is crucial, because they're just as much invested in their journey unfolding as I am. The reading itself solidified my intuitions while pushing me to the next stage of my awakening. She has a gift, an ability to see, and an ability to intuit." 

ROSA, Oakland

"Having Reiki done by Tina was awesome! I reached out to Tina through Instagram and was able to set up an appointment quickly for a reasonable price, which is always nice! I am so glad I did because she is someone I trust completely to clear even the deepest blockages, especially emotionally, that I didn't know I had. She is willing to meet you even if you live out of her direct area, and goes out of her way to make sure you are comfortable. I highly recommend Reiki from Tina because she knows what she's doing, she's professional, someone you can trust to heal your energy, and honestly just a beautiful soul who wants to help you better yourself. I am forever grateful for her help, and have made so much progress on myself just from her clearing my blockages. It only took one experience for me to decide I would be a forever client."


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