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Your Voice is The Divine Instrument

Lately, in the last couple of months of rainy season in Bali, I've felt so blocked from creativity. I used to write and sing a lot. I moved to Ubud (the Jungle) away from the beach, to get aligned with my higher self. This video was made moments after I've received my package from India and I was thrilled to get in touch with the Shruti Box. I've never used one before but it was very similar to a harmonium. My first time hearing about this Shruti Box was about 2 years ago at a music festival. I was very intrigued. After being in Ubud for 2 weeks, I invested in getting one for myself to flow intuitively with my voice. I've also invested in a powerful singing crystal chalice which will help me activate my Zeal Chakra known as the (Mouth of God) to channel and ignite transmissions within me.

My Voice journey has just begun. I've always loved singing as a young child. My intention this year is to deepen my practice with sound healing and stepping out of fear of judgement. I want to be heard, moved and touched. I find music to be so healing for the soul. It brings me out and away from my monkey-mind and deep into my body and soul. I sing from the pit of my stomach and my whole body just goes into a trance. The intention behind these instruments are to activate my higher self. They said that the throat chakra is the bridge between your mind and the body. When we are not speaking our truth or using our voices with good intentions, it becomes blocked and causes stagnant energies in our wellbeing.

I had a Wonderful girl friend who passed away suddenly this last November in Bali. May her soul rest in peace. She was a soul sister. We met in 2018 at our Yoga Teacher Training and we clicked instantly when we connected. Til this day, I will always remember her loving words of encouragement. She heard about my past and she also heard me singing. Tasha said to me, "Tina, whatever you've been through in the past, all of that goes out of the door when you start singing. I don't care about all that stuff, Please keep singing and share your voice. This is your gift and you will heal so many souls with it." Both tears in our eyes, I looked deeply in hers knowing that this was the moment I felt truly heard, seen and acknowledged for my light. She is a true Angel. Tasha inspired me in so many ways and I will always dedicate my devotional songs to her Spirit and Soul that continues to live on. I miss you Tash. You are so loved. RIP sister.

May my transmissions bring you a feeling of lightness, moves through your emotions, calms your nervous system and inspires you to express your truth into liberation.

Namaste, my Lovelies.

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