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In Day 1, we will focus on the lower chakras (Hip Openers) to help us deepen the integration of this retreat. The hips are a storage point for negativity and pent-up emotions. Hip openers allows us to create space for new ideas and release negative emotions- gifting us freedom for both the mind and body. Hello everyone! My name is Tina Truong and I am currently based out of Bali Indonesia. Thank you for tuning in with me in this pre-recorded practice In beautiful Nature and sounds of Bali.

All you need is:

Yoga Mat

Two pillows

Your Fav essential Oil

Disclaimer: Sorry in advance for those who can't really hear the video too well due to the bugs singing in the background but I hope we make this apart of our practice and allows you to feel more in tuned with the energies of Bali :) Let's embody ZERO POINT and welcome all sounds of nature in these videos. Thank you!

PREMIERE for February 20th, 2021@ 8am PST


In Day 2, today we focus on the upper heart chakras (Heart Openers) to clear our hearts so that more compassion, love, forgiveness, harmony and balance can flow through effortlessly. I invite you to find a comfortable space to surrender. Deep breathes into this space and release any emotional blocks still lingering in your life.

PREMIERE for February 21th, 2021@ 8am PST

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