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Let’s talk about Love and Real'ationships.

It’s not perfect. Let’s be real. Or as he would say “It’s ALL perfect.” I’ve learned in many relationships that it takes a ton of effort and work to make it ever lasting and successful. I’ve learned that in order to make your partner happy, you got to be happy too. And no one will do that for you but yourself. If you’re not filling your own cup up, all you do is project and become codependent. That all leads to two drained people and that’s a bummer. I’ve learned from my past that when I’m not in alignment or grounded, that I AM FULLY responsible in doing something about it. Take time to DO ME, Love myself, Solitude, Reflect, Silence and Lift myself up. It’s no one else’s job but yours to LOVE YOURSELF.

I couldn’t ask for a better Divine partner, Lover, Companion, Soul. When things are out of harmony, we take time apart now to work on ourselves with full Trust and Patience. Having physical space and doing our own personal retreat has been very beneficial for us. The time spent together now is very special to me; Quality time, they call it. Every day is Valentine’s day with us and I want to show up the best version of myself for my Divine Love. ❤

Note to Self: In order to save a relationship, Learn To Fill your own cup up. Love yourself and do things for YOU. Take time away to Miss your partner. Create time to treat yourself, explore your own ways of self-care rituals. Learn new hobbies and share it with them. Adventure into things you’ve been wanting to do and do more of what makes YOU happy. DO YOU! And everything else will flow along. Glow up, baby. ✨

To my Divine Masculine, I love you with all of my heart. Thank you for being so patient with me. One year in Bali has forced us to grow in so many ways. I continue to blossom and transform with you in my life.

I choose You. I choose Love.

My anchor.


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