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Honoring The Super Wombman

Fuck YES, I wear my own sacred blood on my face and chest with pride and honor;

Of my personal power in being a Wombman

I step outside of my own shame and guilt for those who have disowned parts of me that were Too Gross, Disgusting,

Too Dirty,

Too Impure and Unholy,

To look at , To be around

To invite Or to be with.

I shed Blood and Tears every month with intentions,

To release everything that my ancestors could not-

In respects of their suffering with Injustice and Oppression

I wear this war paint for my mother;

Who has been raped and abused,

in honor of her deep pains and anger

She still carries in her heart.

With the intention to step out of shame

And own the power she has in her,

to create change in this the world.

I wear my blood for my future daughters – to empower them

To teach them how to respect the Sacred Temple, their Bodies

The beautiful process of being a womb-man

A healer, Protector

Nurturer, Caregiver,

Co-Creator, an Empath.

To trust themselves in their cycles of life,

Death and Rebirth

I own my power. I honor my Divine Feminine. I accept the fact that she goes through this cycle every month. And even though it’s ten days of purging demons, I will never disown her. I will always be present with her and allow her to be seen, heard and felt.

Society can judge me all they want.

I still own this Temple, the Womb, this Power House –

It Creates. It Manifests. It GIVES LIFE.

AND THIS IS THE POWER of being a Wombman.

- T.Tru

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