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5MEO- DMT aka Bufo Alvarius Sonoran Dessert Toad known to be the most powerful and strongest psychedelic on this earth to help humans go through ego-deaths, releasing fear, healing chronic illnesses, depression, anxiety and overcoming addictions

Location: Yucatan, Mexico

I had the most profound experience of my life working with both Tmana and Malika. After living in Bali for 2 years during the pandemic and transitioning back to the states aka the matrix, I started to lose myself in the rat race. I eventually got tested positive and was down in bed for nearly 2 weeks. During these two weeks of living in a toxic home with in-laws and absorbing negative energies that were not mine, I started to become more and more disconnected with Source, my ancestors and relationship with the Universe. I prayed to the full moon 2 months before coming to Mexico, asking for a sign to have the right facilitator to work with 5-MEO Toad medicine. I had a calling that It was time to sit with this medicine again and I knew it was going to be in Mexico but I did not know with who. Literally, after offering that prayer to the full moon, I checked my phone and received a message from Tmana saying he’s been working with this medicine along with Kambo for years and it would be nice to have me. I took this as a sign.

I arrived to Mexico and had a few weeks chatting with Tmana leading up to this ceremony and I knew when I seen Malika’s photo and videos that I wanted her presence in the circle with me too. There was something so powerful and ancient about her, her energy, her voice and everything you receive from her essence when she speaks/ prays /channels her ancestors.

This ceremony took about a full hour with prep and grounding. This was my 2nd time working with the medicine and I must say it was the strongest most potent experience of my life.

Through Malikas singing and channeling her ancestors along with Tmana’s ancestral lineage, I was able to go deeper than just an ego death. I was transmuting my moms and ancestors wounded womb, sacral chakra pains, traumas and past life karmas. I felt the wounded feminine purging. I was crying and screaming, pulling out this thick rope of past generational trauma, rape, prostitution, trafficking, still lingering in both my vessel and through my ancestors passed down karma. It was so so intense.

I cried with joy after releasing and reclaiming my power back, moaned with ecstasy and received the infinite love of God through me once again and said “finally!”. I am beyond grateful through this wave of emotional experiences that felt like lifetimes of shadow work, decades and generations of so much sexual abuse, emotional baggage and unwanted negative energies.

I feel so much more lighter. I am able to dance, sing and embody this renewed feeling of my temple. It feels safe to live in. I tapped more into my healed feminine. I fully surrendered and trusted in both Tmana and Malika to hold this beautiful sacred space for me to do my shadow work and so so thankful I trusted in the Universe to lead me into the Butterfly Jungle in Mexico to dive deep with this powerful Couple. I love you both so much.

Respect to the Toad, medicine, God Molecule.

#integrationtime MY life has changed forever.

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