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This program is for those who are trying to find balance in their lives with a holistic approach. We tend to get so caught up in life and never spend much time outdoors or working on our mental health. It's all about balancing out our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. With this program, you will be able to practice mindfulness with your everyday tasks and commit to making it a priority to connect with Nature and the mind. Let Mother Nature and the natural beauties of life heal you. It's time to stop and enjoy the little things in life. You are meant to create the balance in your life; for your precious mind, body, and soul.


  • Consultation to go over your goals, story, schedule, and budget to get you started!

  • Detailed weekly workout exercises and challenges, outdoor exercises for the soul (running, jogging, hiking, taking a walk, biking, swimming, rock climbing, functional training, etc)

  • Daily meditations, chakra clearing meditation, breath-work through recommended and guided audio/videos

  • Daily yoga practice and stretching, connecting breath with movement and stillness.

  • Positive Affirmations, Writing, and Gratitude journaling

  • Sound Healing, Binaural Beats for stress, depression, insomnia, addiction, fear, self-esteem, illnesses, etc

  • Practice with Mindfulness in nature and Mindful Eating

  • Rainbow Bowl Challenge, Intuitive Eating

  • Constant support, Love, Guidance, and Friendship, from me to help you through your growth! (Text, Email, and Phone calls)



This program is beneficial because not only will you practice being mindful and conscious in your every day life but you will get to experiment with your body with a plant-based nutritional plan. Let plants heal you from the inside out. You will start to feel alive again by consuming the rainbow grown from the trees and ground of Mother Earth. Whole Foods are our medicine and can heal us from sickness and diseases. Watch your energy increase, improved stamina and performance, better sleep, positive mood, better mental clarity, and overall healthier well-being.  



  • This program will include everything in the "Mind Body Practice Program" 

  • You will have a detailed weekly plant-based meal guidance and recipes to try.

  • Guidance to help and prepare you to ease your way into a plant-based life. (Cutting out certain foods and animal product/replacements/substitution)

  • I do request you take pictures of your colorful meal creations to share with others! This will also keep you accountable too.

  • Recommended recipes and pictures for those who work better with visuals.

  • Detailed guidance on what to eat, schedule, options, and ways to prepare or cook meals.

  • Weekly and daily check-ins for both mindful daily tasks and eating

  • I will help and guide you through this transformation! You will feel thousand times better choosing lively foods instead of dead foods! (Text, email, guidance and support all the way!)

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